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Santosha Yoga studio is proud and excited to be offering Teacher Training, accredited through Yoga Alliance.


Our teachers have been supporting yogis through their yoga journey for over 10 years and now being able to offer an in-depth teacher training program.


Our 10-month course will be set out over 9 modules, one weekend per month (Saturday & Sunday) 


Terms & Conditions


Trainees must have at least 18 months of yoga practice, with a teacher or self-practice on a regular basis.


Trainees are required to attend all course dates if the trainee cannot attend a training weekend.


  • It is your responsibility to inform the teacher(s) of the Event if you have any injuries or health conditions (including pregnancy, suspected pregnancy or childbirth within the preceding three months) and to abide by their decision as to whether all or any part of that Event is appropriate for you.


  • Class observations - a minimum of 10 hours recorded and signed by a qualified yoga teacher. (You will be given a sheet to take to classes and assisting)


  • We reserve the right to dismiss a place to students who have not paid their deposit or committed to a payment plan by the required, pre-agreed date.


  • We will not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour, or language of a profane or discriminatory nature, at any Event or in any communication with any of our staff or teachers, and we reserve the right to exclude anyone behaving in such a way from an Event, or from further participation in an Event, without refund of any amounts paid, and to refuse to permit that person to participate in any further Events.


  • Trainees are expected to attend all teaching weekends other than in exceptional circumstances to be agreed by the lead tutors and training coordinator. If a training day or days are missed they must be made up satisfactorily.


  • Trainees are required to read and sign a student-teacher agreement before commencing the course.


  • Trainees must remain committed to their regular classes taught by a recognised teacher and continue their personal practice.


  • Trainees are entitled to discounted classes/workshops within the studio premises.


  • We understand that a trainee may have difficulty completing the course in time, In this case, with the agreement of the lead tutor and coordinator the trainee maybe able to book in a private session (this will be at the trainee's own expense).


  • Trainees will be assigned a mentor as part of extra tuition. 


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