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Corporate Yoga & Wellbeing Sessions

"I truly believe that if you take care of your employees,

they will take care of your business." - Richard Branson

Our well-being programs are offered as in-person sessions or via zoom

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What is Corporate Yoga


Corporate yoga is so much more than stretching on the office chair! Corporate wellness has its place in many different avenues. With approachable yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation/mindfulness exercise our main goal is to enhance the mental and physical well-being of the workplace. Plus saving companies and businesses money when it comes to employee-related expenses.

Our Yoga and Wellbeing Programmes are usually conducted in one of the two following:

1) Full subsidy: Employer offers free of charge sessions to their employees (highly recommended to show support and foster a better relationship between high-level management and entry-level employees)

2) Hosting: The employer offers a space in the office for the class time and employees individually pay for classes (this option is the best fit for smaller corporations that have the space but simply can’t afford any subsidies).

How does it work?

Studies have shown that attending just one weekly yoga session increases overall effectiveness in the workplace and increases positivity in employee behaviour.

In-person All we need is a space to lie down & stretch comfortably. You will find that your conference/training rooms make perfect studios.

Online All you need is a laptop or iPad to access your yoga class online!

All sessions are tailored to small or large groups, and individual sessions for busy executives are also available.

What are the benefits?

- relieves head, neck, and back strain in the workplace
- increased overall health and well-being of staff means decreased absenteeism & sickness levels
- improve teamwork, morale and job satisfaction means the lower turnover rate
- makes you an attractive employer, thereby optimising staff recruitment & retention at a low cost.
- increase energy, mental alertness, focus & concentration
- improve decision-making and creativity

This benefit list could go on and on, literally. This is because the employees (along with all levels of management) will get the chance to relax and learn how to regulate their sympathetic nervous system, which is our messenger of the stress response.

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