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Prenatal Mediation

Pregnancy Collective  

About pregnancy and postnatal yoga

Pregnancy yoga classes are gentle in nature, slow and harmonious movement, combined with breathing and relaxation techniques for you and your growing baby. 


Santosha pregnancy classes are perfect whether you are discovering yoga for the first time or expanding on previous experience. 

Classes usually begin with a short opening chat where each mother-to-be is given the opportunity to share how she is feeling and ask any questions she may have. A lovely opportunity to get to know other mothers and share.


From here we continue with 30 – 40 minutes of asana practice (postures). We focus on postures that are particularly valuable during pregnancy, labour & birth and that will:

    • Strengthen your back and help to eliminate or reduce back / hip pain common during pregnancy

    • Strengthen your legs and increase stamina, preparing you mentally and physically for labour & birth

    • Bring openness to the chest and shoulders, improving circulation and preparing for breast feeding

    • Help to position baby optimally for birth


Pregnancy yoga classes also involve a lot of relaxation and breathing techniques, we always recommend bringing along an extra layer to stay nice and cosy.


Pregnancy Yoga Weekly Classes

Classes are every Wednesday at 5.30 pm. They are suitable for total beginners too, however, we recommend being at the end of the first trimester (12-14 weeks is usually recommended).


Single session is £10.00


4 Class Bundle for £34.00

(valid for 3 months). 

Purchase: Pregnancy Class Bundle

We also work alongside some great people who offer the best support.

“Always remember that children are born exactly the way they need to born. We are born into this lifetime to grow, and it is only through experience we grow. Once labor starts, the process is bigger than any one person’s plan. Sometimes a soul coming through needs a certain experience for its journey, or many the mother needs it for hers, or the father needs it for his. We call it a complication, but it is a thread among the many thousands of threads that create the rich tapestry of life”.

~Gurmukh, from her book Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful

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